Tuesday, September 20, 2011

30 day challenge - Day 9

Day 9... what a BUSY day!!

First order of business... drink coffee... suck down some greek yogurt and then get my dog to the vet for blood work. Yep, second eye is getting a cataract... FAST. Fortunately, the Opthalmalogic Vet appt is tomorrow at 4pm. Supposedly, this vet speaks 'good' English and my Japanese vet(working for the American military, so she has GREAT English) has paved the way for us. The one good thing I see coming out of all of this is that the Japanese LOVE dogs so much that they would never make treatments out-of-reach for normal dog-parents who don't have the money to pay for things like cataract removal. Since these are diabetic cataracts, there's no chance for reversal, that I know. Just Google it. Although when I first Googled, I found all kinds of eye drops that were anywhere form 85% to 100% capable of diminishing or getting rid of the cataracts!! Yeah... I figured if it was that easy, no one would have ever come up with implantable eye lenses. So, I did NOT order them. We'll see what the vet says tomorrow. It's hard for me right now as her right eye is completely opaque (has been for about 2 weeks) and now the left is starting to get cloudy. *sigh* Poor baby.

So after doing that first thing this morning... I had my bazaar meeting. It was 1.5 hours long and was very productive! What a GREAT group of people!! I'm honored to be chairing such a great group of people who are more than capable of the tasks set before them. We are at the 4 weeks before bazaar mark! That's scary, but do-able. So... we'll keep doing!! :) Still need a publicity chairperson... so, until then, I'll keep plugging along.

Lunch?? Did I have lunch?? Oh, yeah... I did!! I tried the Paleo Pancakes I found on one of my fav sites... it was 1 banana mushed up, 1 egg, and 1 Tbsp almond butter... cook like pancakes!! Delish!! I only wished I had maple syrup... but butter and a touch of organic honey was great.

Then... started cleaning... thank GOD for my hubby!! He vacuumed the entire house for me!! What a great man I married! I washed the kitchen and laundry room floors, dusted all downstairs furniture and oiled the Japanese pieces, and picked up... picked up... picked up. What else? Oh, the powder room needed cleaning...

Wine Tasting:
Set up... for what? I had a spouses' social tonight to 'kick off' the season. The 'season' is basically the time when the kids are all in school as no one does much over the summertime. So... tonight was the social at my house and it was a Wine Tasting party. I had just about all the easy to find wines... reds and whites. We tasted about 8 or 9 different kinds. Paired some with cheese and some with food/fruit/salad. The Chianti that I LOVED was Clemete VII Chianti Classico. WOW what a great wine!! I'm not one for Chiantis, but this one was GOOOOOOD!! Also, surprised that I found a Chardonnay that I liked... it was the Rex-Goliath California Chardonnay. WOW. Surprised I liked it. Paired REAL well with Brie and salad!!

Dinner... what dinner? The meatballs and tomato sauce paired with the Chianti, the salad paired with the Chardonnay, and the cheeses paired with ... other wines was all I ate and it was GREAT. Fantastic women/GREAT wines/GOOD food... perfect ending for a perfect day.

Best part? My son... he not only cleaned all the dishes and filled the dishwasher, but he drove ladies home. What a great young adult (I wanted to say "kid" here... but, shoe doesn't fit anymore). Thank you, Bootie!!

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