Friday, September 23, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 12

Day 12

Gosh, this was my first true 'cheat' day in the 3 months... why during the 30 day challenge???  Cause I just felt I needed chocolate and the only ones in my pantry were some Hawaiian macadamia nuts covered in chocolate.  So, I gave in and figured I'd be 'good' the rest of the day.. until dinner when we went to Shabu-Shabu and I ate some white rice... just a little, but still was a cheat.  Did I make the 'allowed' 80/20?  Probably... do I feel good about that?  Nope.  I should 'cause I ate cabbage, lots of meat (pork and two kinds of beef), seaweed, cucumbers, etc.  BUT I had a great time at dinner.  When I went to Hawaii after the earthquake/tsunami, I lived with a family who took GREAT care of me and my teen... the husband was here doing some work, so hubby and I took him out to dinner.  THAT'S what made my whole day!  It was so good to get caught up on everything that's happened in his family's life since I left Hawaii late April.  WOW... I guess I DO feel good about the 80/20 (just guilty about the chocolate). 

What I do feel good about was doing Pilates today... harder than do-dah, since I haven't done Pilates in MONTHS... yeah, before my gallbladder went bad, so that puts it around this time last year.  Why Pilates?  I dunno... just a weird hair up my bum that was there from morning to night.  Thus the chocolate and the Pilates.  Can I blame it on hormones?  Nah.  But, it did feel good to use my tummy muscles and NOT have pain like I used to have!  

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