Sunday, August 25, 2013

Eating in a hotel suite

So, I'm still in a hotel... however, this one is smaller than the one in Hawaii.  I'm in Florida for my reserve weeks and in a larger suite (2 bedrooms), but smaller kitchenette (no range, just a small fridge and microwave).  So... how does one eat with limited resources??

Well, besides the obvious of buying dinner and cutting that in 1/2 for the next day, I do buy stuff to fill the fridge.

Breakfast ideas:
Fage - whole fat, with blueberries and other berries, sliced almonds, pecan pieces
boiled eggs (yes, you can find them in grocery stores!!) and bacon
Intermittent fasting... (yeah, some mornings it's just coffee and cream)

salad with left overs from the day prior
cafeteria at work...
roll ups:  lunch meat and cheese roll ups with lettuce and veggies on the side

Roll ups
take out:  my favorite place here is Moe's!!  They have organic produce and grass-fed animal meat!!
Left overs brought from in-laws
bacon, bacon and more bacon
salad with bacon, left over boiled eggs, etc.

Needless to say, I could use some ideas as only one week of this is already OLD!!  However, I know that it's for a short time, so I also practice some intermittent fasting.  I ONLY fast when I'm just not hungry... I do NOT fast when I am hungry as that's just not healthy.  It's not listening to my body.  I noticed that sometimes I'm not hungry in the morning after a large dinner the night before.  Conversely, I'm not hungry for dinner if I've had a larger lunch.

I have had some excellent conversations this week dealing with... da da da dum.... Saturated Fat.

My favorite book right now is The Great Cholesterol Myth:  Why Lowering Your Cholesterol Won't Prevent Heart Disease - and the Statin-free plan that will,  by Jonny Bowden and Stephen Sinatra.  Dr Bowden is a Nutritionist and Dr Sinatra is a cardiologist.  

Now, I'm nowhere near done reading this book, nor even a 1/2 way through.  However, there's so much amazing information and research presented within the first few chapters that I feel I'm learning so much I just have to share!!  What convinces a geek like me that saturated fat is NOT the devil as I'd been told all my life and taught in PT school and beyond, is the amazing amount of research.  Not just RCTs (randomized control trials), but meta-analysis of research!  There's this one recent meta analysis that show NO correlation between saturated fat in the diet and CHD (coronary heart disease) or CVD (cardiovascular disease).

I do not feel I've read enough of the book to do it justice in a review, and have ALREADY loaned it out (to my MIL and I'll get it back this next weekend), but I promise to write more about it and try to teach you the 'finer' points as I learn them. :)

Friday, August 2, 2013

We are waiting...

Yes... the waiting game.  Not my favorite thing to do!!  What are we waiting for?  A house.  We remain in the Navy Lodge... a good enough place for a few days, but we're closing in on 2 weeks.  We spent 8 days house hunting and put in 2 "back up" offers on homes, then on Wednesday, we came across the FIRST house I truly could see myself in!  We immediately sat down and compiled all the paperwork necessary for putting in an offer and it was in by 2pm that day!  They were supposed to respond by 5pm tonight (a day later)... the response?  Wait until Monday when they've gone over ALL the offers on the house.  Ugh.  Though I don't tend to be a pessimist... each house here we've even remotely liked has already had an offer on it.  Feels like we're just one step behind ALL the time.  This house?  We found it right away and actually attended the broker's open house... so did others.  Ah well... waiting and praying now.

So, how's the running and diet?  Great!  Thanks for asking.  I'm on Week 2 Day 3 tomorrow.  Day 2 was weird in that my map shows ALL over the place.  Not sure what happened there, but I did NOT run 5 miles with a 6 min mile run nor 10 min mile walk!!  Strange.  Very strange.  The only thing I can think is that I used two apps together:  Ease into 5K AND Charity Miles.  Though I love the premise behind Charity Miles... I may try again tomorrow, but then give it up if it screws up more of my workout.  Perhaps when I'm running on my own without the C25K app giving me commands to "walk now" or "run now" or "you are half way there"... but, right now I kinda NEED those commands!!  They're incentive!

Today, I took a LOT of pictures in the dog park... my Japanese "English student" texted me that she missed my dogs so much, so I took a bunch of photos of them for her and posted them on FaceBook.  Here's my favorites:

Cheyenne:  her 11th birthday today

Buddy... so happy in the park!

They just love being out here!  The park goes all the way to those trees...

The entrance.  You can also see the Navy Lodge and how close it is.
As for diet?  Well, it's hard to cheat when you've no oven... my cheats mainly comprised of what I could bake using Paleo ingredients.  So... perhaps a little more yogurt/Fage?  Some extra fruit?  Yeah... I better be losing more poundage!!