Wednesday, September 14, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 3

Day 3:
The goal for the morning was to get up early... 5:30am, so that I could go running with a friend at 6am.  I surprised myself by doing just that.  I was on Week 7 Day 1 of the Couch to 5K running program, so that meant 5 mins warm-up walk, 28 min run, then 5 min cool-down walk.  My friend and I went to the Par 3 golf course on the base, which has a ring road that is a mile in length.  We went around it 3 times... but I must admit that the combination of running with a partner (I have not run with someone else since college and back then, wasn't successful at running), the fact that they were cutting grass on the green, and the heat/humidity... I didn't run the entire time.  We walked perhaps 40% of the 28 mins.  :(  I'm OK with that, though, as this was my first 'long' run outside... well, ever.  Once I got home, the dogs looked at me all sweaty and wearing my sneakers... so I caved and walked them .75 miles around the 'block'.  So... all-in-all, today's workout was about 3.75 miles.  Not bad and definitely over my 5K goal.

Breakfast was light with me drinking my 2 cups of coffee with real 1/2 and 1/2 in it and a touch of vanilla.  Just was not hungry for about 2 hours, then ate 2 small pieces of the Primal Banana Bread I'd made yesterday.  That upset my tummy BIG time.  Not sure why.  Perhaps it's the coconut flour... not sure.  

Lunch also light, but settled my stomach.  I ate leftovers from last night's dinner:  the chicken pieces and onions left over from the enchiladas mixed up with the left over cabbage salad.  The only problem was there just wasn't enough!! 

Dinner was GREAT!!  I made Long grain and Wild Rice (thanks, Uncle Ben) for Marc and Jon, steamed broccoli for us all and had the BEST Angus Tenderloin steaks!!  I pounded down the meat, put on some sea salt, ground pepper, and garlic on both sides and broiled for 5 mins each side, then put a mixture of Feta (goat cheese) and herbs (thank you, Mrs Dash Garlic and Herb) on the top and broiled for 2 more mins.  YUMMY!!!  All three of us at every bite!!  I did take a photo of the steak:

Not the best photo... but I'm learning!!  The cheese was a nice tart taste with the juiciness of the steak.  I was in heaven!  No complaints from the peanut gallery, either!  Though my husband said he thought Blue cheese would taste slightly better.  

New idea: One of the things I'm researching now is raw food diet for the dogs.  They both are having terrible itchy feet, with Cheyenne having red spots all over her feet and between her toes.  Buddy's feet don't appear to be red, but he sure lies around chewing on them!  Most of the sites I've been reading up on really make good sense.  Dog's digestive systems don't appear to be any more evolved to eat grain than ours... duh, they are carnivores!  No good research exists out there, though... most anti-raw food research is sponsored by the pet food companies.  Most pro-raw food information out there is not based on research, but is based on the evolution of the common domesticated dog... 99:99% genetically similar to wolves.  If dogs pack together and breed... their offspring resembles wolves not too far down the line as their genomes combine.  Interesting... so, what kind of raw food?  They advocate FULL chickens: bones and all.  I even was able to look up what to do with dogs who are 'gulpers', like Cheyenne.  They say in the beginning to give full 1/4 to 1/2 chickens and hold onto them to force the dog to rip and tear the meat/bones and that the dog may need some training.  Well, considering she hacked up a good portion of her dogfood from dinner tonight as she was gulping it down without chewing, I think that process might take a while with her.  :(  However, I do wonder if it would help her with her diabetes... everytime I think I've got her sugar under control, it goes high again.     ...We'll see... I just barely mentioned it to my hubby and he was VERY skeptical.  Plus, I should talk to her vet about it (though many of the websites state that the modern vet has had very little training on the true nutrition needs of a dog, and what training they've had is usually put on by a pet food company).  I'm back to the "we'll see" thought. 


  1. Debi, I am going to try to send you a link about a holistic vet, Dr Karne Becker. She is big into raw diets for pets and I think she has a book on it. Let me know what you think after you get a chance to check it out.


  2. Sorry I typed the name incorrectly. It should read: Dr. Karen Becker.

  3. Thanks, Carol!! I've found great sites and think I may have to just go 'grain-free' while living overseas... but I'll see if I can find her book at the library. Thank you for the name!! :)