Monday, September 19, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 8

Day 8: I went to bed seriously late last night as I just needed to finish my blog of two days worth of entries and get paperwork done for a meeting that happens tomorrow morning. I awoke with incredible mid-back pain! So, lazed about for a little then got out of bed to take naprosyn and drink coffee in the hopes the pain would abate and I'd get on the treadmill and get on with my busy day. Nope... ended up adding Tylenol to the NSAIDs and doing some stretches and self-manipulations... still no real relief. Went to singing practice with a women's singing group I'm in... more pain (it really hurt to stand and sing or sit on the edge of my chair for singing, crap). Went home and canceled my English student in hopes that sitting on ice would help... eventually napped and changed for more ice. That helped. My hubby took me to The Grate Taj Mahal (spelling error intentional as that's how it's spelled inside on the menus!!) for Indian cuisine... how about Chicken Sag? That was tasty and seemed the most Paleo of all the choices. Nan? Nah. Used to love it, but not worth the tummy pains for tomorrow as my back was already getting sore again. got home and put more ice on it and then promised myself a short blog entry then bedtime. Suffice it to say I never did my Week 8 Day 3 run... hopefully tomorrow morning.

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