Friday, September 30, 2011

30 day challenge - day 19

Day 19:

Wow... again, it's been a while since I blogged last.  My journey is continuing, but i'm finding that it's really no fun to cook Paleo or cook-period without someone to share it with!  Since hubby is TDY (meaning he's gone for a little while)... I haven't been cooking. I had a great day on Thursday as I went with my new culture group to opening ceremonies and we met a lot of wonderful Japanese ladies.  We then went out to a restaurant... it was a soba restaurant.  I tried to be good.  Really... got sushimi and soba noodles.  I felt, out of respect for them paying my bill, I had to eat the soba noodles.  The sashimi was great, of course, so was the soba.  However, all day long today my guts told me how stupid that was to eat noodles made from gluten-containing ingredients!!  Soba tends to be buckwheat or barley... so, there's some gluten in them.  Yep... besides bloating and many trips to the restroom today, I was tired and fatigued all day!!  No more soba for me...

So, today I decided I HAD to eat only Paleo style. 

Breakfast was eggs, bacon bits and feta cheese omlet with coffee (I'd die without that vice).

So, today, I went with a group of gals to a Japanese Farmer's Market.  I am SO sad I did not take a photo of inside the farmer's market.  We had lunch and it was GREAT!  I had something that translated to parent-child... meaning it was chicken and egg cooked together with onion on a bed of rice.  Needless to say, I had no rice, but gobbled up the chicken and egg mixture!!  It was FANTASTIC!!  Here's some photos of the market main area and a view of the street from inside...

Two peaches (momo), one part of a daikon radish, 18 eggs (all Japanese eggs are pastured and the price reflects that!!  450 yen for 18 eggs... roughly $5!!), 6 onions that weren't already moldy and going bad (as in recent days with the commissary), fresh basil, plum wine (I think... it sure looks yummy), and two apples I gave to the Tech Sgt that I work with at my reserves... all carried home in my Trader Joe's bag (have I said how much I MISS TJ's??)

I did make a steak last night for my teen and I. 

I also cut romaine lettuce in half (yep, the whole heart of romaine) and grilled it after the steak was done grilling.  It was about 2 mins only each side and then took it off the grill and drizzled olive oil on it, the lightly sprinkled kosher salt and cracked some pepper onto it. YUM!!

So, we sat around eating loin steak and romaine last night.  Loving life and being Paleo!!

Tonight... well, first Oktoberfest while being Paleo and it was the BEST yet!!

I realized I never ate the sausage/bratwurst as it was 'too fatty' on my previous lifestyle... so, tonight I had a HUGE one!!  I also had beef and another sausage type thing along with sauerkraut.  I was in heaven eating!!  Typically, I would have had a little beef and sauerkraut, then potatoes and dessert.  Feeling horrible the entire time.  NOT TONIGHT!!  I did not drink the German beer, though.  I understand now why I never could tolerate beer... so, without issue, I had my typical vodka tonics.  No gluten and the tonic helps me with my cramp issues.  

CRAMPS???  What cramps?  Well, for my entire life I've had foot and toe cramps.  Can't truly remember a time without them.  Point my toes, and ... yep, CRAMP!!  Anyhow, the last week or so, I've been having BAD cramps in my toes, arches, feet, ankles, lower legs, back of knees and calves.  You name the muscle in my lower leg/feet and I've experienced a cramp in that muscle!  I've stretched, eaten bananas every morning, eaten kiwi for dessert at night, had yogurt for the calcium, had tonic water for the quinine, stretched more, bath with epson salts, exercised less, exercised more, used salt in my dinners, not used salt, ate mustard, etc... continued in spite of my best efforts... well... vodka tonic sounded like it might help... so that's my excuse for drinking tonight.  (stinks to go home alone though... miss my hubby...)

OH!!  I almost forgot!!  Dog primal diet??  Going well for the one dog, not so great for the other.  Cheyenne (the one with diabetes type I) is doing excellent.  She's LOVING the chicken and is chewing and masticating the bones like a champ... Still needs me to hold the chicken so she can grab and pull with her teeth, but just loves this time.  Buddy?  He's a standard grain diet kind of dog... for now.  While Cheyenne is eating her chicken thigh/legs, Buddy eats a turkey neck.  Just a small section of it takes him longer than Cheyenne's two 1/4 chickens!!  He eats so gently and delicately that he hardly does much damage!!  So, after Cheyenne's done and he's FINALLY done... we go inside and I feed him his kibble and canned meat and Cheyenne gets her frozen broccoli.  She LOVES that!  Then, we check her sugar and I do the insulin injectin as per normal... I think we're getting close to figuring out the dosage for her primal diet... 14 units.  Most of today, her sugar was low 100's to mid 100's.  That's the best since she was diagnosed!!  Though 'Normal' is 80-120... similar to humans, the vets would rather her run a 'little' high as hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) is more dangerous for dogs than hyperglycemia (high blood sugar).  So.. we'll take these levels over the 300-400 plus we were running on 18 units twice dialy while on kibbles (80% grain) diet... Though her vision continues to worsen and I think she's probably greater than 80% blind right now... she's doing well.  She's happy, runs in the backyard, walks well on her walks (though I think I'm now her 'seeing eye human'!!), and besides looking the wrong direction for attention seems 'normal'.  I just wish I'd changed her diet to fully carnivore years ago.  But, no use crying over 'spilt milk'... we'll deal with what we have now.  That's a dog who's sugar levels are FINALLY stabilizing into semi-normal ranges.  I'm happy.

Now... off to bed.  What a great, though long week!!  OH!! Forgot to say I did my Week 9 Day 1 of the Couch to 5K!!!  That's 5 min warm-up walk, 30 mins run (without stopping!!) and 5 mins cool down walk (though I walked for 5 mins longer to finish 5K or 3 miles).  :)  Not bad after a 5 day hiatus from running!! 

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