Friday, September 16, 2011

30-day Challenge: Day 5

Day 5:  Listening to your Body

So, on MDA, he wrote about "listening to your body" ( ) and he got me thinking... remember how yesterday one of my goals was to keep moving and get 15 mins of sunlight a day?  Well, today was not only an exercise/running day, but I had NOTHING on my calendar.  Those of you who know me, that's pretty rare.  So... I had my coffee and read a little of my book on the back porch in the sunlight for about 30 minutes this morning.  Got bored.  Did about 3 hours of gardening, cutting up the branches real small and really using my arm muscles... got bored.  Vacuumed the downstairs of all dog hair... boring.  Jumped on the treadmill and did my Week 8 Day 2... freakin' hard, but I did it and kept going until 50 mins and 3.1 miles... hot, sweaty, but bored.  Had a little gal who I've seen for almost a year now for physical therapy over and ... NOT bored!  What fun it was to WORK on a day off.  What do you mean, I had already done some work??  That wasn't WORK, work... right?  Well... I met both my goals and... FELT wonderful!! 

So, why not use a day off as, well... a DAY OFF and do nothing?  Because that's what the 'old Debi' would do and she was FAT, lazy, and well... bored.  HOW can I have so much energy??  Well, after starting off the day feeling kinda lousy from eating 4 lumpia last night at dinner... I drank water, water, water and had my morning coffee.  Then... pooped.  Yeah, funny Deb... well, reading MDA he talked about LISTENING to your body... and mentioned the big P.  So... I was listening to my body this morning and felt horrible, but instead of getting back in bed, I let my body work itself out by drinking the water and having my normal coffee.  Eat breakfast?  Not a chance!  My tummy/intestines were too irritated with me for eating the gluten in the lumpia.  So, once nature took it's course... I felt AWESOME!  Got that crap out of me, literally (tee hee), and felt a whole lot better.  Ate breakfast of 2 over-easy eggs and 2 sausage patties with water (yep, more) and then got on with my day.  I think a combination of the sunlight, movement and, lets face it, the coffee... things got moving.  Yeah, I'm being literal again.  

So, once lunchtime came around... I did the look in the fridge for a few minutes and when nothing jumped out at me... I LISTENED to my body and had a fruit smoothie (blueberries and cherries) with almond milk and Greek yogurt.   Still felt awesome cause I was eating what I needed.  Do I need a hunk of meat at every meal to be Primal/Paleo?  Nope.  But the Greek yogurt fulfilled my protein needs just fine.   

Dinner:Well this is where my day took a decidedly un-Primal turn.  I had a rug auction (yeah, the Persian, middle eastern kind... but here in Japan) to attend at the O'Club... NONE of their food fit into my lifestyle choices (pizza, chips and dip, etc.)... so, I turned my nose up at them and went into the bar where happy hour was taking place.  Found some cooked salmon, sushi, meatballs (yeah, I'm sure they had some breadcrumbs in them... but they were GOOD) and ham.  Not bad.  Then, I had two glasses of pinot grigio... well, alcohol in MODERATION is OK, right?  Yeah well, my redeeming point was the walk to and from the club.  So there... back to being Paleo!!  I took my shoes off on the walk home in the rain. :)  OH that felt SO GOOD.  Mark had talked on MDA about going barefoot for a day... well, besides the time I was inside the club, I was barefoot through 90% of my day.  :)  Did I buy anything?  No... saw a beautiful silk Persian... but at $2500 for a 6x4' rug, I just couldn't.  but, I promise, I'll be dreaming about it for days.... 

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