Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Bullet proof Coffee

Good Morning!! 

My Beatles mug from the Skylarks.

 Bullet proof Coffee.  The only way to drink it when trying to avoid dairy and sugar.  Well, not completely avoid dairy.  You see, it has KerryGold butter in it :)  OK... I used what I had on hand and have to admit to not having the quality coffee or oil he used.  However, I remember a few years back... before he trademarked the coffee name and started selling his own brands... the recipe was with coconut oil and MCT (which I MUST go out and buy).  Granted, smart guy that he is, he went out and made it more bullet proof and now sells all ingredients required.  But, when must use what's on hand, one uses organic coconut oil and KerryGold butter.  :)  It's nummy!!

Why start out with coffee with so much fat?  It "breaks my fast" with fat and jump starts my day toward burning ketones.

This morning, I'm heading over to the Vitamin Shoppe to get the recommended morning supplements  that I don't already have(via Maria and Keto-Adapted book) and to refill those I do and already take.  I already took my 1500mg L-glutamine, Beef Liver (yes, grass-fed), Raw B-complex, Ashwaganda, Transitions, 1000mg L-lysine and 44mg Zinc.  (yep, I put in some links... some, so you know what they are and others so you know where you can buy them)

Before I eat my "frambled eggs" (even before it was a craze with a cute name, I've love to crack 2-4 eggs directly into a hot frying pan and let them set slightly, then mix them around.  I love the flavors that aren't completely scrambled together!), I'll take my probiotics.  

Exercise.  Not today.  Probably not this week.  Well, I'll preface that with saying... Yes, I'll still do my hip and arm exercises with my patients.

So.... after writing this... I ended up getting sick to my stomach for the rest of the day.  Ate the chicken bone broth I had in my crock pot and only that... Needless to say, first day on the Keto-Adapted diet didn't go well.  Feeling somewhat better on day two.  Did not take any supplements "just in case" and am only having chicken bone broth again today.

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