Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Email to family and friends...

OK, this is a generic email sent out to friends/colleagues/family who have all expressed interest in how I'm losing weight and looking better (you've commented on my hair, skin and even eyelashes!!)… I'm NOT keeping it a secret, 'cause it's a cool lifestyle.  BUT, it was (and IS) a journey… this did not just 'happen', nor did it come easy… however, I figured since you asked me, I'll direct you to the blogs and books that helped me figure out how to eat this way.  

First… expect headaches and irritation, possibly anger, the first few days of not eating wheat/gluten.  It truly IS a drug to our system and you WILL experience withdrawal.  The BEST resource for wheat and gluten that I've found is William Davis, MD… the author of 'Wheat Belly'.  This is the book I'm carrying around with me right now and really is more like an enjoyably written science book.  He references a LOT and that gives me something else to read.  For now, I'll just say, it appears he's referencing properly and not taking things out of context.  He has great recipes in the back of his book and is great for those willing to try the first part of Paleo:  No grains.  Here's his blog link:
and the book can be ordered through Amazon.  

Next, the second 'hallmark' is NO beans/legumes.  I LOVE a good pot of chili, yep the kind with beans.  However, for years I've had to eat Beano prior to any meal with beans or… well, I might as well sleep on the couch!  Anyhow, after all the gallbladder pain, I've no desire to eat any more beans… however, its hard for many to give up that source of protein and fiber.  I'm not saying you gotta give them up… perhaps start with breads and pastas… but once you get reading, and after you're grain-free then eat beans and see how bloated your belly gets… well, you'll see… anyhow, here's great reading material for you:  

1.  The 'lowdown' on lectins on Mark's Daily Apple:

Limited dairy.  Paleo tends to be NO dairy, Primal is 'limited' and if you eat/drink it… better be grass-fed cows, no hormones and full fat.  I've been drinking skim milk for as long as I can remember, so instead of drinking full fat milk (yuck), I tend to drink more water these days.  Yogurt?  Yeah, I eat it… it's my one indulgence.  I do make sure there's no added sugars or sweeteners as I can add that myself.  

NO sugars!!  Let's face it, if you're cooking your own stuff, you don't add sugar to … pot roast.  But check out the ingredient listings at the grocery store!!  There tends to be high fructose corn syrup in EVERYTHING!!  Don't buy it!!  There's now ketchup at the commissary that has no HFCS!!  OK, it has sugar, but that's definitely the lesser of the two evils… I LOVE this guy and his explanation of fructose:  

Underground Wellness:  has a blog and many videos on youtube… here's the one on sugar:

My other go-to sites:
1.  Everyday Paleo by Sarah Fragioso.  She has a facebook page, blog and book.  I have all 3!!  LOVE her!!
2.  Civilized Caveman Cooking by George… he's a hot Marine and knows how to cook!!  He has a facebook page and a blog, too.  
3.  Primal Palate:  blog and book… getting the book!!
4.  Fast Paleo… the blog on which we can all post our own recipes or look up something and gain a recipe from someone else!!  My 'go-to' place for recipes!!
5.  and lastly… my blog.  I'm silly, I'm cooking, I'm sharing recipes, I'm sharing internal thoughts, it's me… raw and on Paleo.  Be kind.  ;)     

The books I have and have read or are reading:
The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf … entertaining AND informative, what else can you want?  Has 30 day eating plan at the end…
The Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson… direct, to the point, doesn't fancy-foot around… facts.  Also has a 30 day eating plan, but now he's come out with a second book that has a 21 day plan… his blueprint includes exercising
Paleo Comfort Foods by Julie and Charles Mayfield - great recipes
Everyday Paleo - smallish explanations, but good recipes and excellent exercises
Wheat Belly by William Davies - what I'm reading now

Books I have and will read next:

Well, the dogs are hungry and it's time to push send… please do not hesitate to contact me if you need support!!  

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