Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Life goes on...

Isn't that the truth?  Life goes on...

I've always said that a person is the center of his/her own universe and the main star in a One Act Play... meaning that everything comes from our own perspective and can seem so meaningful to us, but absolutely zero to another person (unless they love you or are invested in your life).

Well, enter our Realtor.  She actually 'gets us'... I saw her turning her nose up to certain areas based on our wants and desires.  She's good... not just capable, but GOOD.  Unfortunately, we seem to see anything that actually speaks "live here" to us a day too late.  Yep, we've put in two back-up offers on houses that "just accepted an offer this morning".  Oh well.  I have to believe that we just haven't found "the ONE" yet.

Came out of lodging to this gorgeous site pre-run!
In the meantime, there was a tropical storm, Flossie, that was downgraded to a depression and really fizzled out prior to hitting Oahu.  I woke up yesterday thinking that our plans to view 2 houses and me going running were going to be a bust, but the storm just never hit.  Thankfully!!

Did I run?  Yes... during a lull in the rain.  BOY was it MUGGY.  AND... the bugs!!  Holy cow.  I got some in my eyes and splattered on my chest and legs when I was running/walking into the wind!  Thought they were dead, but I guess they were stunned as when I got back to the room most woke up and started crawling around on my shirt and pants!!  My son noticed.  Thanks!

Another sighting of the rainbow during the run! 

There WAS a beautiful rainbow I spotted in the beginning of my run that I spotted again when I turned around to run into the wind.  It certainly gave me something to watch and from which to gain motivation!  (Yes, in that photo, you can see the historical airtraffic control tower on Ford Island and the Pacific Air Museum next to it... that's my view on my runs)

Speaking of motivation... NOT going to wait until that late in the day (about 4:30pm) to run again!!  Too hot and muggy.  However, I DID impress myself in needing to tack on more distance to the run as I ran a little faster and went farther.  Week 2 differs from Week 1 in the Couch to 5K by increasing the running intervals from 60 seconds to 90 seconds, and the walking intervals went form 90 seconds to 2 minutes.  Those are done for 20 minutes sandwiched between the 5 min warm-up walk and cool-down walk.  Needless to say, the run/walk intervals lessen in number as they increase in length.
Click here to see my run stats
Well, next run is tomorrow!  I'll try to take other photos during my walking intervals to share...

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