Friday, July 26, 2013

Moving overseas to overseas

The move is complete.  Well, almost... or not quite... well, we are in Hawaii!!
Narita International Airport, Japan to Honolulu International Airport, Hawaii, USA

Phew!!  What an adventure!  I tried to map it for you, but google won't play fun as when I mapped getting to China from Japan years ago (it actually told you to jet ski across!!).  For us, we went from Narita International Airport to Honolulu.  It was, thankfully, an uneventful trip!  The dogs did very well and other than having a child seated behind me playing a game on the touch-screen TV on the back of my seat, we did too.  We were "lei'd" by my hubby's new boss and wife once they found us.  That was neat as the leis smelled great.  Supposedly, there's an entire ceremony or specifics regarding how to lei someone... will have to look that up.
First view of Oahu from the Northwest side!!

So, we're on Ford Island for now in the Navy Lodge.  It's nice enough, though I'm lamenting over not having a "real" kitchen.  The dogs are doing excellent and LOVE the dog park that is right across the street.  Buddy is loving the large area in which to run and chase things.  Cheyenne, still sticks close to me in the park, but is building up her walking endurance as we go there 2 to 4 times a day and I try to get her to walk to the back side of the park for exercise.

Chevy Volt 2013
Currently, we're in the search mode.  We're searching for a house.  This is NOT easy in Hawaii!!  First of all, my hubby wants a garage because he just leased a Chevy Volt and needs a place to plug it in securely.  That's a cool little car, but since the dealership leased it to us with ZERO battery charge, we can't see what it's really like when charged at all... so far, it gets about 34 mph.

A roadside park had gorgeous views... just above Kaneohe on the windward side.

So... what has this to do with BabyPT being Primal?  Well... during a move, there's stress.  There's also a learning curve to figuring out how to eat in a new country/new locale.  Us military have the commissary in which to grocery shop... however, the organic selection and clean eating sections are pretty slim.  I found local, organic full fat milk, and decent cheeses, but VERY limited organic produce (no shopping for the dirty dozen/clean 15 at the Pearl Harbor DECA!!).  I also had zero luck in egg selection.  Yes, they had a few different brands, but the only organic or "pastured" eggs were from 100% VEGETARIAN fed chickens!!  Ummm... I know it sounds gross to eat bugs and snails, but that's a chicken for you.  Needless to say, I caved and got one of those because I felt the happier chickens might be better for me.  Well.... the yolks were so pitiful and light yellow that I cannot imagine there's any omega-3s in them!!  Remember my old post on Japanese eggs?  Yeah, those eggs I used for the "American" comparison would have put these to shame!!  Needless to say, I caved when the hubby came home with Eggland's Best eggs that are "high" in omega-3s.  Not orange yolks, but more of a medium dark yellow compared to the other ones.

Week 1 Day 2:  24 July 2013
Now, being on the island of Oahu made me decide I needed to do SOMEthing healthy... so, I restarted my Couch to 5K (C25K) program.  First day out, I started at about 9-9:30am... too hot!!!  I was dripping wet with sweat when I returned to the hotel room!!  I had to keep reminding myself that "Sweat is fat cells crying"... oh well, it was worth a shot!!  Anyhow, I realized that my Japanese iPhone might not be a 'phone' over here, but the GPS worked great while out there!  So, I'm able to map the workout!!  That made me happy.

The neat thing about being here on Ford Island, is that the airfield (well, it used to be one!!  Think Pearl Harbor - The Movie) seems approximately 1 mile long.  So, when I run/walk in one direction then turn around, it's 2 miles.  Now I'm wondering how long of a distance is the bridge...

My next adventure is to begin working out on alternate days from the C25K using my newest app:  "7-minute Workout", by the same company, BlueFin, as my C25K app:  "Ease into 5K".  (Here's an alternative app from Cool Running.)  It is comprised of 30 seconds of 12 different activities:
- jumping jacks
- wall sit
- push-ups
- ab crunches
- step-ups
- squats
- triceps dip
- plank
- high knees
- lunges
- push-up & rotations
- side plank

Wish me luck!!  (for the exercises AND house hunting!!)

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