Tuesday, October 11, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 30

Day 30: 'Tis the last day of the challenge... but, remember, two days ago I wrote new goals for myself:

1.  Take the dogs for a daily walk (I had put morning, but let's be real and say 'anytime' as they really don't care, they just wanna walk!).
  - Today, we walked!  Poor Buddy just wants to GO and see and smell and meet and greet and I STOP it.  I am a Cesar Millan-type dog owner.  When we're walking... we're walking.  We're not sniffing the ground or trees or other people/dogs... we're walking.  It's exercise.  I also do not let him charge forwards WAY in front of me... or PULL me (that's a battle).  I swear, no matter how high I put his leash on his neck (like Cesar shows), he's pulling... gagging and coughing along the way.  Cheyenne... just walking.  She's getting arthritic enough to slow down pretty fast these days.  She was my real test-subject for the Dog Whisperer methods and it worked!  I even have doggie backpacks for them both.  When we first started doing our walks Cesar's way, it was just Cheyenne and I... back before the Buddy rescue.  I would load up 2 bottles of water in each side of her backpack and 2 cans of fruit in each side.  I would come home with my left calf all bruised cause she 'healed' so well, the backpack would knock against my leg!!  Well... fast forward over 5 years later and she's still walking well.  Buddy, on the otherhand... doesn't care if he has a backpack on that weighs 50 pounds... he'll still strain to go forwards.  I really would like to take him running with me.  Wish hubby would do that, but he doesn't, so somehow I need to figure out how I could and get away with leaving Cheyenne at home.  (you haven't heard her cry when I take him and not her out of the house!!  It's HORRIBLE!!!)  So.. before dinnertime, we had a nice 30 minute walk and about 10 minutes running around the dog park.  No other dogs there, drat. 

2.  No more fruit
   -  well, besides the 1/2 apple the day I made this goal... no fruit.  got on the scale this morning and no movement... not like I really expected it to move much with no fruit for 2 days! 

3.  Check all food for Inflammation Factor.
  - that I've been doing AFTER eating it!!  Here's the morning breakfast of 2 eggs (-122), 3 oz collard greens (210), 2 sausage links cut up (-27), and 1/4 cup salsa (-1) = +60 IF... makes the goal of above 50!

So, lunch was such a delicious meal yesterday that I repeated it today and took a picture!  I can't believe that just virginia ham, avocado and tomato would be so good together!!  So, again I was sitting at IF of +128. 

Dinner (sorry, no photo) was an angus broiled New York strip with seasoning on it (+15) and a full cup of steamed green beans (4) = 19 as the inflammation factor.. so, very mildly anti-inflammatory... not quite the +50 I need for a meal, so... you guessed it!!  I took a Mega Red Omega 3 capsule!!  Feelin' groovy! 

Then, I had frozen yogurt (-80) with sliced almonds (42) and dark chocolate chips (NA) = -38.  Bad choice... perhaps worse than if I ate fruit.  Next time... how about almonds and chocolate?  As long as it's dark??  Nope... though I would expect dark, dark chocolate to be anti-inflammatory, it's not.  The higher you go in those good cacao solids, the higher, in negative numbers, the inflammation factor goes... Perhaps that's why migraines are linked to chocolate?  Ah-HA!  Gestalt!   I think I understand!! 

Well, my darling readers... tomorrow is a reserve day for me and it's already almost 10pm.  So, it's off to bed I go!  Take care and get looking at those inflammatory factors in your foods if you have migraines, joint or muscle pains, back pain, etc!! 

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