Monday, October 3, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 22

Day 22:

Absolutely nothing new today.  I was in a mood!  Crabby and achey all day long... nope, no exercise.  Nope, not in the sunshine either.  Ate only enough to take off the hunger... why?  Eh, probably fighting a virus.  Stuffy head, face headache and just overall malaise.  Could it be the food wasn't the issue Saturday?  (from Oktoberfest)  Possibly, but not likely.  So... got me thinking.  Maybe I'm not eating enough??  I'm no longer tracking what I eat nor how much I eat.  I'm just eating and trying to eat meat, fats and veggies/fruits with each meal.  But, when I wake up late, I only eat one meal in place of breakfast and lunch... no, not brunch... to me that implies a LOT of food to replace two meals.  This is just breakfast instead of both.  Today was just scrambled eggs with bacon bits and coffee.  Orange for the fruit.  For a snack in the afternoon, I had two pieces of the banana dark chocolate bread I made over a week ago.  Still good.  Dinner was left over steak and cabbage salad from the other night and some steamed broccoli.  That was the best!  Then later this evening, since I was craving something sweet, I made a fruit salad of Japanese pear and apple, mandarin oranges (no sugar added), chopped dates, dried cherries, and golden kiwi.  THAT hit the spot!!  I also realized I wasn't drinking enough water... so, guzzled a lot of water.  Mood has greatly improved and the headache feeling better. 

So, this evening, I watched a show on the Discovery Channel I heard about via Robb Wolf's website called "I, Caveman".  It was interesting enough that it caught my teen's attention and we actually sat and watched a TV show together!!  That alone made it worthwhile to watch in my book!  There were 2 episodes and it was based on a 10-person team going into the mountains in Colorado with very few supplies such as enough water for 4 days, a shelter, clothes and a 2-day instructional session on how to be a caveman. 

The first show was set on the first 5-6 days during which they found out how difficult it was to actually find food... that is, edible plants and animals to include fish, mice and elk.  The second show began with the people having found a herd of elk and the hunt was on.  I kinda felt as though the show ended at that part.  It took them so long to actually figure out HOW to hunt (and there was a cheat on that with an off-site expert coming to teach them), how to get along, and how to live, that the next thing you know they kill the elk and the show was over.  That was where my disappointment lay... it was a pivotal part of the team/tribe that I would have liked them to spend longer than 10 days out there to explore more issues than just the hunt.  Don't get me wrong, the hunt was an amazing and emotional part of the show... I teared up.  There's something so elemental about humans, modern ones, realizing just how difficult it is to take a life.  That's why I, personally, am happy to drive my happy little butt to a grocery store and purchase my meat.  Yes, I'd like the meat to come from humane killings... but I really am glad I'm not responsible for that actual ACT of killing, skinning, dressing the kill.  Anyhow... that realization was portrayed well in this episode... but then, they were packing up and done.  *sigh*  I understand it wasn't a reality show, but a 10 day 'experiment'... but sheesh, I would have kept watching!!  If you have the chance... watch it.  Yeah, there was the whiny person, the angry person, the typical characters you would see in survivor (except for the competitiveness, as these people needed to work together to survive), but all-in-all it was a good show. 

Good night!!

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