Monday, October 10, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 29


Busy day today!!  Wonderful sunshine and great food!!  I even bought some squash (spaghetti and acorn), sweet pumpkins, a cute little pumpkinny-squash, and a mini-pumpkin... not to mention the pretty Japanese apples, both green and reds.  Of course, they were all purchased on base, so the pumpkins and squash came from the good ole US of A.  Expensive, but worth it 'cause I'll cook them!!  I even found out 1/2 cup pumpkin is about a 44 IF, so it's mildly anti-inflammatory!! (makes me like them even more!)

Breakfast was 2 scrambled eggs (-122 IF)with 2.5 oz collard greens (138 IF), and 2 cut up sausage links (-30 IF).  So, though I wasn't in the 'positive' end of the inflammation factor (IF), the collards did bring the score up to -14.  So... I took a Mega-Red Krill Oil tablet at dinnertime to help bring up my score for the day... so... being that cod liver oil is 341 for 4 grams and salmon oil is 625 for 4 grams...  it's GOTTA be up there, right??  So, it was only 3 grams, so let's figure on 300 IF just for grins and giggles.

Lunch was my "dinner" as I ate breakfast late (around 10am) and lunch around 4pm, I guess it counts as both lunch and dinner:  LINNER as Mom would say.  Why didn't I have lunch then dinner?  Wasn't hungry at lunchtime.  Not hungry now (9:30pm). ( comes a rant...)

In the Primal/Paleo lifestyle, you only eat when you're hungry.  Got it?  I know, I know... for YEARS I would force myself to eat when not hungry 'cause "Breakfast is the MOST important meal of the day", so I HAD to have breakfast, right?  Early in the morning, too.  WHY???  (imagine me whining like a 2 yr old at this point)... cause that's how I was raised and our perfectly confusing "experts" in nutrition and their flawed studies said I HAD to eat.  Ummm... OK.  Why did I get fat then?  OH, yeah, trying to break-that-fast and keep my metabolism going.  But, I was just hungry in about 2 hours after breakfast... why can't I have eggs every morning??? (again, whiny tone)... WHAT???  I can??? REALLY??  But, but, all the 'experts' say only 2-3 eggs a week and THAT'S new news... gotta watch my cholesterol, right? 

Perhaps not... Dr. Mary Enid is a lipid researcher who has done exhaustive review of medical research to find that there really isn't research, good research, to support the Lipid Hypothesis.  Read this for a great breakdown: I like this one because it has a comparison graph for us visual learners, on the different fat sources and the breakdown of how much sat fat, MUFA, PUFA and transfat in each source... opened my eyes!!)
Another new "idol" for me is Sally Fallon. She has a LOT of YouTube videos and is a good teacher (easy to understand)...

However, if you just google "Cholesterol", you'll get many, many websites that talk about how bad it is and how studies have "shown" we're to eat low fat/low cholesterol diets... even the Harvard site really teaches about this.  It teaches all the stuff my poor little PT brain keeps wanting to buy back into... until I realize that the introduction on the page (click on "Harvard" and you'll get the page), they provide you with references to explain the problem in America and obesity... then you get to the 'From Food to the Bloodstream' part and there are no more references.  OK, but they haven't really said anything totally different than what I already think and know... then read on until the "Diet and Cholesterol" part where they try to tell us the PUFAs (polyunsaturated fatty acids) are GOOD for us... yeah, some are... but they tend to have more Omega 6s than 3s and we want a 1:1 ratio, so if the smallest ratio among them is 13:1, then that's too high!  AND, oh, by the way, them saying fish oil and such, with their high 3s are PUFAs is wrong.  Add the satfat with MUFA and you get more than the PUFA for salmon oil... (scroll to the bottom of this link)  To say that the polyunsats, which do go rancid and are not the kind of oils you want to eat as they breakdown (think oxidative process), are GOOD for you, is not fair.  On Mark's Daily Apple... he has a LOT of posts on different oils and fats.  One of my favorites on oils, especially the healthy ones, is here.  Anyhow... back to the Harvard website... beautiful reference to MUFA study and weight loss/cholesterol lowering... those people barely ate grains, too!!  But then, the saturated fats portion.  Small, but powerfully stated (again without references)... "bad" sat fat... "our body makes all we need"??  You mean, releases from fat storeage??  What does this mean?  It really brings more questions than answers in that section.  Next section... trans fats... I agree, but again, limited research references... some, but not a lot.  There IS a lot of research out there on bad trans fats!  and... then cholesterol and then cancers... and then... blah, blah, blah... yes, they cite research during all the cancer warnings about fats... but what they don't expect YOU to do is to click on those references and READ the research.  EXCELLENT that we have others to do that for us!  That's why I'm online a LOT lately... reading the research and looking at others who have.  You'll see many of the blogs I follow post their interpretations of the research, too.  Its worth it to read through some of those as you won't have to get bogged down by the numbers and figuring out what it all means. 

Moving on (its getting LATE) ... back to "Linner":

1/2 avocado (54)
3 deli ham slices (no flavoring... just Virginia baked ham) (71)
2 tomato wedges (3)
So... I made a +128 Inflammation Factor, meaning this meal was VERY anti-inflammatory.  Yay, me!!  Who knew a hastily thrown together 'salad' would be so delicious and good for me!! 

So, last thing for the day... I decided to start a Facebook page from this blog:  BabyPT goes Primal.  Just like the blog title, well, almost the blog title with lone less word.  Check it out!!

Lastly, just to remind you, or teach you if you didn't read my blog from yesterday.  The IF is an inflammatory factor of foods.  You can figure them out the way I do on the Self Magazine Nutrition website.  Read yesterday's blog for more instructions on how to use that website! 

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