Saturday, February 3, 2018

Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day = REbirth Day

2015 with my Uncle John (L) and Dad (R)
Groundhog day has special meaning to my family as it is my Uncle John's birthday.  Well, now, it is his death day, too.  He was killed by a drunk driver last year on his 84th birthday.  However, I refuse to let that define this day... it is now his REbirth day.  I prefer to think of his rebirth into Heaven.  That could go into a whole conversation about what happens after death, but the reality is... this isn't the forum for that.  

I just miss you, Uncle John. 

Social Media and Online Parties

I had my first online Beautycounter Social last night!  I was so nervous... but, now that it's over... I ask WHY?  Why was I nervous?  I think that when a person has gone through many changes in her life to live a cleaner, healthier lifestyle, she (ok, me!) starts to worry no one will take her seriously anymore.  However, I decided to put myself out there and start helping others to live a cleaner, safer, life.  

Was the online party a success?  Well.... I got one order.  From my Daughter-in-law.  BUT... it was a learning experience for me AND those who did "attend".  Will more orders come in?  That remains to be seen.  I will be bringing samples of shampoo/conditioner sets to a friend next week.  

What defines a "success" anyways?  Webster defines success as "a favorable or desired outcome".  

But, WHO determines if the outcome was favorable or desired?  ME!  Yep... little ole me!  I have to admit that before the party, I set my desired outcome to be 2 orders.  Well, so far I have one.  So I revised my determination of whether the party was a success on the fact that I DID MY FIRST ONLINE PARTY!  So, there.  I pushed out of my comfort zone and did it.  I also had fun during the party.  So... success?  Yep.  I'm gonna count this as a favorable outcome.  

Now, this blog was started back in 2011 when I was doing all the research I needed to see how to change my diet and why the Paleo and Primal approaches were important for overall health.  So, the next few blogs will deal with how changing what goes on our body can be just as big of a deal as what goes into our body.   Hope you'll join me!!  

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