Thursday, February 13, 2014

Some DIY!

We had our first house guest (outside of my oldest son and his friends visiting) for the first time in over 4 years!!  It made me realize how little we've done around the house to actually spiff it up and begin updating it ("Its SO dated!").  We've done some things such as:

1.  Installing two Big Ass Fans (seriously, that's the company's name!!) in the main room:
"Before" look over to the main room
"During" to show one with the light on it
2.  Installing an access door/ladder and attic in our garage (sorry, no pictures!).
3.  mounting the TV on the wall and hubby putting the cable access into the wall to get rid of all those lovely wires from hanging down!
4.  Fixing various things around the house that were broken... such as the microwave door, the fridge ice maker and dispenser and fridge lights (we thought they were just lay and hadn't replaced the lights inside the fridge, but there was some kind of circuit issue in the electric board inside it... thank goodness hubby is an engineer!!), new kitchen faucet and put old one in the laundry room sink, etc.
5.  Hubby removed some bushes from out front and planted grass.
6.  etc.

However wonderful and necessary those changes are... nothing updated the house.  So... I started with the guest bathroom.
Befores and Afters

Right after we got the keys to the house and hadn't moved in stuff.
See where the towel bars are located?  WHO puts them THAT low??  Seriously??  

I always "cut in" first

ALWAYS take off the plates!!!  See how the builder painted with them on and left a huge indent? Stupid.

Done painting the sink room...

Cutting in the tub/toilet room

Quite a difference between the dried paint and newly painted whole wall!
Don't worry, that dries well and matched up. 

Changed to teal colored towel and son moved up the towel bars.

New shower curtain... WalMart!! 

In the long run, plans include removing the mirrors and replacing with two over the sink ones, removing medicine cabinets, painting the cabinet white and putting wainscotting up to the level of the medicine cabinet and on the wall behind the doors.  
 Welcome to the world of DIY, BabyPT!!!

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