Friday, September 13, 2013

Dogs and the loss of a beloved aunt...

My poor dogs... they're loving Hawaii (yes, I'm back!!), but the small stickers and dirt of the dog park is NOT good on their skin.
AFTER grooming!!

Her tummy and all the small red spots.
Poor Cheyenne has her little sores all over her tummy again... that hasn't happened since BEFORE I made her Paleo!!  Poor baby girl...  I think they're mainly from the fleas in this hotel room and at the dog park in the sand.  Since she finds it so difficult (possibly painful) to stand for long periods of time, she'll often lie down in the sandy dirt.

Buddy was so long haired and dirty that it was adorable.
However, apparently, he had more fleas than Cheyenne!!  So... I checked out Yelp to see what groomers there are in the area close to where we will be living (oh, yes!!  We are closing on a house on the 20th of Sept!!).  Found one that had excellent comments about the groomers, but the only negative was the aesthetics of the shop.  I'm one of those people who'd rather have a less cute place for the talent and love of the person grooming my dogs... so, I chose Pat's Poodle Grooming.  WOW!  She not only said "when can you get here" but fit in BOTH dogs!!  Definitely a "family business" to which I'll be returning!!  Actually, Buddy has another appointment on Halloween.

So, being back in Hawaii is good... however, on a sad note, my Aunt Dodo (Dolores, on who's birthday I was born) died in hospice care yesterday after having suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns to her legs in an accident the night before our birthday.  She was a true Christian Catholic, and I'm sure she's up there asking God all kinds of questions as she was curious about everything and everybody!  She's also dancing cheek to cheek with her husband, Uncle Ted, who preceded her by a decade.  (According to my cousin, she was wiggling in her bed earlier yesterday morning 'dancing' to the music by Fred Astaire!)

All 4 of her children got to see her and many of us called and spoke with her while still in hospital.  I'm glad it went fairly quickly and that she didn't suffer endlessly for days or weeks.  I'm also praying for my cousins, especially my dear cousin, Richard, who was her rock and biggest supporter/fan.
3 Reunited in Heaven:  Aunt Phyllis, Grandma Mary, and now, Aunt Dodo.

Cousins Linda & Mike, Aunt Dodo, Uncle John, and Cousin Richard in Colorado 2012

Rest In Peace, Aunt Dodo:  9 Sept 1931 - 12 Sept 2013  

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