Sunday, August 5, 2012

Being "Good" while traveling

*sigh*  For those of you who know and follow BabyPT on FaceBook, you know the last few days have been spent trying to catch a military "hop", or space-available, plane out of Japan so that my son and I can go home for a visit.  We've wait listed for WAY too many planes at this point and been disappointed.  So a wonderful friend, who is an airline pilot, offered us two of his Buddy passes so that we can have an alternate way to get home.  We have no deadline as to when to be there, but we do for coming back, so we took him up on the offer (thank you! thank you!!).  Unfortunately, the first plane was at an airport 1 hour and 15 mins from our house in southeast Tokyo… all of us, my hubby drove us, got up at 2:30am to leave the house by 3:30am and arrive no later than 5am for a 6:55am flight.  Hubby dropped us off and left, we stayed and got immediately turned away.  So, over an hour and a half to get back home had us miss the first military flight on our agenda… however, this friend would NOT give up!  He ended up finding a "wide open" flight that routes through Hawaii (OK, a few hours in the sun would be GREAT!!) and we're currently awaiting that flight.  Let's pray we get on… though our chances look good, there are NO guarantees.

Anyhow, my teen and I were dorks and took silly "touristy" style photos as we were heading down the escalator from security toward immigrations… thank God there was no one watching us running UP the escalator to switch places and get back in place for the second round of photos!!  GREAT primal exercise, by the way!!
"Are we going to make it on THIS flight??"

"OK, I'm being more positive!!"

Me after darting back up the escalator… I think I'm still walking up the down side!!"
So, the question to other Primal and Paleo friends is:  "What do you eat while traveling?"

I just had my first snack.  2 hard boiled eggs, a handful of carrots, cauliflower and orange bell pepper strips.  Prior to pulling out my stash, I had walked around and the smells of all the breaded and fried foods was smelling WAY too good (that still happens, even after almost a year!), so I quickly sat down and got out my stash.  Now, somehow this stash is going to have to last for the next full day as we're leaving at night Japan-time, getting into Hawaii in the morning (of the SAME day!!) then traveling through that day and night into the next morning.  So, the 5 hard boiled eggs are now down to 1 left (hey!  My son needs to eat, too!!).  I still have a good amount of the veggies, but made two lovely bags of nuts/dried fruits/dark chic chips and have those in my bag, too!  I also grabbed two, off the shelf beef jerkys.  Nope, can't get all the wondrous grass-fed beef and au naturale jerky you all can in the states, and I have not yet started to make my own… so, I found Oberto! brand's "natural" and it does not have soy sauce (read "gluten") in it, so it's in my bag.  Some additives as it has "flavoring" in it, but I'll sacrifice those preservative/flavorings in favor of soy sauce laden Japanese "fast food" which is sure to make me visit the restroom a LOT.

So, what do YOU eat when you travel?  Do you try to 'make do' with what's served by picking and choosing?  Or do you bring your stuff like I did?  (let's see how long it lasts… might end up picking and choosing by tomorrow!!)

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