Thursday, June 7, 2012

Not giving up!

Lately I've been seeing all these posts on Facebook and blogs about support and not giving up when you stumble on your diet or fitness goals.  At times like this, I wonder, "Is the Universe trying to tell me something?" 

Made you think, too, didn't it?  I came up with "perhaps".  Why perhaps?  Because I'm being "strict" with myself and had set two goals starting on this month of no cheating...
1. blog daily (nope, not close on that one!!) and
2. exercise daily (nope, epic fail on that one, too).  So... have I 'quit' or given up?  HECK NO!! 

The old Debi might have, but not THIS gal!!  THIS gal is 42 pounds thinner and ready to be more fit and at her goal of 15 more pounds. 

Yeah, but back to the two goals...

1. been super busy this week and just haven't sat down to take the time to blog... sorry.  I had a negative comment, that I think was meant to be constructive criticism, a few months ago and that caused me to stop blogging as much.  Kinda felt like I needed to keep with the instructional blogs instead of the 'this is what I think' blogs.  Well... I figure I can, and should, do both.  This blog is a journey of what I think, feel, learn and experience in my life as I made the transition from standard American diet eating and a lifestyle of poor health to one of great food choices and good health and fitness.  So, my promise to myself is to sit down and blog more often.  Just write.  Shoot, I'm not a journalist, but a physical therapist, mom, reservist, military spouse, and American woman!  So, I'm gonna be ME and write in my poor writing style about whatever occurs to me.  Enough about that!!

2.  Been sick.  I've always heard that if your illness was only in your head (literally), then you could exercise.  But, if it's in your chest or throat and down, NO exercise.  So, I haven't run my Couch to 5K program since a week and a half ago!  But, I did go to the gym last Friday and participated in an excellent strength training class.  It kicked my butt, but since it wasn't an aerobic style class, I was OK and not coughing up a lung like I thought I might.  This week... the sore throat went up above the adam's apple as well as the coughing.  So, I'm laying low.  I've done some stairs in my house, but only 2 flights cause the coughing to start.  So, sad Debi is putting off the exercise a little longer, but trying to keep moving and not sit on the couch all day. 

2 excuses... 2 things to put a stop to the 'diet'.  Well, the old Debi might just get out the frozen yogurt and have a few bowls.  This newer version of me doesn't do that.  She figures, well... move forward and adapt.  So, I'm adapting and moving forward.  I'm being strict in the eating.  Yep, not skipping breakfast, eating lunch and having dinner.  Even doing my old smoothies for my afternoon snack. 

And you know what?  Its great. 

No, I haven't slid off the plateau I'm on, but it's coming... I can feel it.  No food cheats can work all on it's own while I'm waiting for my body to be well again. 

Just a cute cartoon... 

This is what I think my Husband thinks Paleo/Primal has done to me!!

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