Friday, February 3, 2012

Sick while Primal...

Well, I fail more when I'm sick.  That's the first thing I have to say about being Primal/Paleo and being sick.  How did I fail?  Well, I ate chocolate... lots of chocolate!

I got up yesterday after feeling pretty terrible the two days prior and the night prior started my nose running like an open faucet.  I should say I didn't get up... not until 1130 when I realized I hadn't given Cheyenne her shot of insulin!!  I had woken up at 7am to wake my teen for school and feed the dogs.  Then went back to bed and snoozed... long and hard.  That was good, because the moment I got up again, the faucet turned on and I was wiping and blowing and wiping and blowing... 2 and a half tissue boxes later was bedtime!! 

Breakfast?  Nope... did turn lunch into breakfast by cooking a quick scramble of 3 Japanese eggs (read this like "pastured" eggs as that's how they take care of their birds here) and eating them on the couch curled up in my blanket with a tissue stuck up a nostril and another glued to the corner of my eye.  I watched TV... and watched more TV... and watched more.  Have I told you about Hulu??  Its the one way I can watch TV shows from back home on my terms, where and when I want.  Typically, I'll watch on the iPad while running on the treadmill.  Well, it's been a while since I was last able to run (that alone would take another blog!!), but I also haven't been walking on the treadmill either.  So... I had a LOT of shows saved up.  Watched them ALL yesterday.  Yep, ALL...

So, how did I fail?  I got a sugar craving.  Strange... didn't realize that's what it was... I just caved to my inner girl and ate dark chocolate covered macadamia nuts... a whole box.  (fortunately, the Japanese packaging IS less than American, but it was still a BOX)  Then... about 12 dark chocolate covered almonds.  Yeah, you could argue that it was 'kinda' Paleo since they were DARK chocolate and almonds/macadamia nuts, not peanuts.  OK... so it wasn't a complete fail... but too much sugar!!  Dinner?  Well, that ended up being carrots dipped in this awesome homemade hummus by a Greek friend of mine who brought it over with some tea as she was quite concerned for me.  Now, typically, I don't eat hummus... it has chickpeas, and they are technically legumes.  However, it made for a wonderful dinner!  I really wasn't too hungry (guess chocolate is filling... maybe the nuts were...), and they hit the spot.  Drank the lovely herbal tea she'd brought, too. 

So... how did I feel this morning after cheating on my diet/lifestyle?  Fine... actually, much better.  So, now I'm thinking that the "fail" was more of my body yelling at me for certain needs.  I think that even more so when I look at what I ate today... just listened to my body.

What did I eat today?  Well, again slept in too late, so for lunch I eyeballed the steak I had sitting in the fridge that was supposed to be last night's dinner, but didn't get made.  I also was running low on my lard.  So... I fried up a whole package of bacon, poured the excess grease into a jar running it through a coffee filter first, then fried up the steak in the left over bacon grease.  OH. MY. GOSH.  THAT was amazing!  I only put pepper on the steak.  Typically, I'd smother it in onions and mushrooms and something else... but WOW.  Definitely needed that red meat!!  Noshed on a few pieces of bacon and ate a fruit salad made from a green kiwi, a gold kiwi, and 1/2 apple... sprinkled in some diced dates and sliced almonds and yummy!!  Drank more herbal tea and I'm done for the day. 

So, yes, it'd have been nice to have chicken soup or something more "typical" for a head cold, but gosh... eating what I craved probably filled some kind of primal needs within my sick body.  So... Fail?  Well, yeah, if that was a "normal" day... cause eating that way would stunt my weight loss/muscle gain goals... but Fail for a sick day?  Nah.  That would be if I ate my old stand-bys:  cream of wheat, oatmeal or pancakes. 

Don't be so hard on yourself... tomorrow is another day, and since I'm feeling even better as today goes on, I know I'll be back to my "normal" eats tomorrow!! 

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  1. Being sick sucks but being miserable all the time is even worse. Huge shout-out for "having" a failure (past tense) and not getting stuck into the lie of being a failure (a state of being).

    Grok on!!!!