Links About Safer Eating

Websites/Blogs and Books/Cookbooks:

Here's an excellent link to learn about the foods you CAN eat on the Paleo diet:

The Primal Blueprint 101 (via Mark Sisson):

My FAVORITE place to get recipes and figure out how to cook for the entire family!

Dr. Loren Cordain, the 'father' of the Paleo Diet.  I must admit that while he's not a "paleo hero" of mine, there's a TON of excellent information on his pages.  Here's his webpage:

The Paleo Solution, Robb Wolf:  my FAVORITE person when it comes to Paleo!!  He truly writes geekspeak that ANYONE can follow and understand.  I bought his book, twice!  I have an eBook I keep with me, and a 'paper' book that I seem to never have in my possession as I loan it out ALL the time.

A blog that answers your questions, seemingly BEFORE you have them!  This site is a place you can ask and get answered your Paleo questions, or search for ones you're sure someone else has already asked.  It's also the place I head over to when I'm needing more scientific explanations.  They do a regular blog, too… just pieces of interest with clearly understandable explanations:

Another site that explains the Paleo diet and lifestyle…

UPDATES!!!  There are even more great sites out there now!!  Primal Journey" has changed to "Hungry for Balance" and she's not only got a great sense of humor, but I love the recipes and helpful advice she posts on her blog.  She, too, has been through it all and is a source of sanity in the insane world of weight loss blogs right now.

The Paleo Mom.  BEST place for information on the AutoImmune Protocol!! Oh my gosh!!  I get my BEST gluten-free, yet still Paleo, desserts from here!!  Just about every recipe I've tried from her site has been a winner!!  She also has other cookbooks out!  George Bryant.  I was originally drawn to this blog by his honest nature on how being a Marine took a toll on his health and changed his life.  BUT, his recipes kept me.  Great stories and great recipes.  Haven't bought his book yet... I will, though!

AND in leaving one of the best for last:  Diane Sanfilippo is a genius.  I first started reading her books and cooking using her recipes when I needed more information about Paleo with Practical Paleo.  she has AWESOME graphics and easy to understand reasons for eating the way we do.  THEN, I came across the 21 day sugar detox and was hooked.  I can EASILY slide down that carb and sugar slope, so have done the detox a few times to "get back on track".  It's NOT easy... but worth it!

Books and Cookbooks: 

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